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    Lucie has a heart of gold. Her soft heart and charisma serve herself and others well, whether she's passionately defending a cause or selling Girl Scout cookies. Lucie is a dreamer who can change the world. Her fanciful nature attracts many and inspires them to join her cause.

    Features: Seamed cup with extreme side support, Underwire

    Sizes: 36-46 D-E, 36-44 F-H, 34-44 I, 32-42 J-L, 32-40 M-N

    Fits similarly to Lucie and Charley Lace.

    What about the size? No worries. We have your sizes on file…that is if you have been fitted at The Bra Market or have gone through the “Find Your Fit” program.

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    Fashion Colors are a limited edition and can sell out quickly and can not always be guaranteed. The date after the color is when the color starts shipping from the company.