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Happy Girls Bra Box

    Happy Girls Bra Box


    Say goodbye to the hassle of bra shopping.

    As a Happy Girls Bra Box subscriber, you'll receive a personalized quarterly bra box, ensuring you always have the perfect bras delivered to your doorstep.


    By subscribing to the Bra Box,
    you join the Happy Girls Bra Club with all its fabulous perks. 

    • Exclusive Happy Girl Perks: Enjoy a variety of exclusive perks designed to enhance your experience. These perks may include exclusive fashion colors, personalized style recommendations from your Bra Lady, priority customer service, and more.
    • Amazing Discounts: Save big with our club-exclusive discounts. You'll enjoy special pricing on select products, including additional bra purchases and lingerie accessories, helping you build a stunning collection without breaking the bank.
    • Annual Bra Fitting: Rest assured that you always find the perfect fit. This exclusive perk adds an extra layer of convenience and confidence, allowing you to maintain optimal comfort and style throughout the year.

    NOTEBy paying the annual fee, you unlock a world of exclusive privileges and perks as a member of the Bra Club.

    The Bra Box Subscription is an additional quarterly cost determined by the items you choose.