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That Smile says it all!

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to help thousands of ladies find bras that fit them well. All are rewarding, I truly love all my Happy Girls, but there have been a handful of ladies who have made an indelible mark on my heart.

Meet Icely!

She is one of my amazing Happy Girls. Icely came into the shop being drug in by her mother as a last-ditch effort to help her find bras that would work for her. That was over a year ago.

Though you can't tell by this picture, she was extremely self-conscious and insecure. Because of this, this beautiful young lady would hide herself under LAYERS of oversized hoodies and jackets.

Icely was facing the problem that her "girls" were not the same size. Yes! We all have one "girl" that is a little larger than the other...They are sisters, not twins. But hers were 2 cup sizes different.

Can you imagine being a teenager in High School dealing with this? Gym class alone would have made me want to start home school.

We got her all fitting and balanced out with the help of a great fitting bra and the right silicone prosthesis and I sent her on her way. After that, we occasionally received pictures from Icely in a new top or dress. You could tell that she was feeling better about herself.

This week Icely returned to the Bra Market to get a few more bras and give me an update.

This once self-conscience and insecure young lady is now vivacious confident, and comfortable in her skin. The very thing she hid under levels of clothes now allows her to talk to others about the struggles she has gone through in hopes of helping them.

Yes... to some, it's just a bra that we are ready to yank off as soon as humanly possible, but for others, a great fitting bra is a tool to help them gain the confidence to conquer the world.
~ Missy, Your Bra Lady