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We have been given the freedom to...

but what good is freedom if we are not going to move in it?

The FIRST Tee-Bag T-Shirt Subscriptions went in the mail yesterday. ...Woohoo

Of course, I would have liked them to go out, in time for everyone to have them but the 4th of July, but it did not work out that way.

There are times when things don't go as planned. The stickers don't arrive in time, the inserts are not quite what you dreamed of, or the packaging is not as cute as you hoped....oy!

In the past, I would have stopped dead in my tracks with analysis paralysis... a matter of fact, it has stopped me too many times!

We have been given FREEDOM, but I couldn't walk in it.

I could not move forward with the ideas and dreams I had because of fear: fear of not having every detail perfect, fear of what everyone would think, or afraid that they would not like what I was offering or that it wasn't enough...

BUT...Sometimes you have to pull up your big girl panties, get started somewhere, and build it from there. 

Is there something you have been dreaming about doing but get caught up in overthinking and fear?

I get it!

A Hint from Helderman: Get over yourself and get out of your own way! It will save you a vast amount of time, tears, stress...and grey hair  (remember, I USED to be a redhead! lol)

Take it from someone who knows!

Doing it "ugly" is better than never doing it. People are waiting for what you have to offer!

Let's do this!

~ Missy, Your Bra Lady