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Feeling Great in a Swimsuit

It seems that no matter what size or age we are, many of us simply dread trying on swimwear...me included.

Yesterday I had a client come in for a bra fitting and mentioned that she was also having to find a bathing suit for an upcoming trip.

She was so excited about her plans but did not even want to think about buying a suit.

While I had her in the fitting room with a great fitting bra on, I brought in a fun tankini I just knew she would feel great in.

Though she was hesitant at first, she slipped it on, turned towards the mirror, and then it happened!

She placed her hands immediately on her hips, through back her shoulders, and proclaimed "I look and feel great!"

We all know that THAT is saying something...to look and feel great in a swimsuit!

I am certain that because she looks and feels fabulous in that tankini, she is going to be sporting it with confidence!

We may even get to see pictures 

I love making Happy Girls!! This why I do what I do!

~ Missy, Your Bra...and Swimsuit Lady